Westhill NASACRE Awards

Does your SACRE have an idea for a project on the theme of ‘Education into Diversity’ to run in collaboration with local schools?

Would some additional funding help you put this project into practice?

Would your project have lasting relevance and make wider impact?

If so, consider applying for a Westhill/NASACRE Award.  Successful bids are awarded up to £4000.

To see some examples, look at https://www.westhillendowment.org/nasacre where you will find reports and information about previously successful projects. Some are also in the public domain – this one is on the NATRE website: https://www.natre.org.uk/about-natre/projects/real-people-real-faith/. As is this one on the Pennine Learning website.

All the information about how to apply and the criteria for projects can be found below.

The closing date each year is 31 March and projects usually run from September to August, completing within the following academic year.

NASACRE is now inviting individual SACREs (or SACREs in partnership) to apply for a Westhill/NASACRE Award for 2024-25. Awards of up to £4,000 may be applied for via the application form (see below). Projects should offer pupils at school opportunities to engage in compelling learning experiences in RE (or collective worship), within the broad theme of “education into diversity”.

Any SACRE wishing to submit an application is strongly advised to look at the briefing notes which accompany the application form and can be found and downloaded below.
Bids for an Award may include the cost of “buying in” consultancy time for a project leader or other key person.

For queries, advice or further information, please contact Linda Rudge the Convenor of the Awards Panel.

Closing date: 31st March 2024