• To assist SACREs to fulfil their responsibilities
  • To represent the common concerns of SACREs to other bodies
  • To assist in the training of SACRE members
  • To encourage the development of SACREs
  • To undertake such other activities, appropriate to SACREs, as may benefit RE and collective worship.

Our Mission Statement

  • NASACRE exists to strengthen local SACREs and to support them in carrying out their statutory duties and responsibilities.
  • NASACRE represents and celebrates SACREs at a strategic national level.

How did NASACRE start?

In March 1993, SACRE representatives met to set up and formally constitute a National Association of SACREs. This followed the implementation of the Education Reform Act [ERA 1988] and the statutory powers and responsibilities now entrusted to the local SACREs.

The new National Association (NASACRE) was launched in 1993 in the House of Lords in the presence of religious leaders and the then Minister of State for Education, Baroness Blatch.

For the launch, the National Association published its aims and has subsequently developed a mission statement. These continue to provide the focus for NASACRE’s programmes and activities.

How does NASACRE work?

NASACRE has a constitution, which recognises the primary powers of affiliated SACREs. To work on behalf of all SACREs, NASACRE has an Executive Committee comprising:

Honorary officers – Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer – elected at the AGM for a 2 year term

8 Executive members – nominated by SACREs and elected at the AGM for a 3 year term

Up to 3 co-opted members.

Your Executive meets once or twice a term, usually in London. Previous Minutes may be viewed here.

How is NASACRE financed?

The National Association is a non-profit making organisation which is financed by affiliation fees from SACREs and subscriptions to public meetings. It aims to raise sufficient monies to pay for speakers and meeting places and to meet its own, internal, running costs.