Authority in RE

Date: 24 May 2021

Venue: Online


Conference/AGM Programme

Chair’s report

Secretary’s report

Treasurer’s report

NASACRE Accounts 2020

Summary of the day

Recording of Linda’s opening, Charles welcome and Denise’s keynote. Passcode: 2!Ufef!m

Keynote Denise Cush Presentation

Ofsted’s work around religious education. These are general slides as we are not able to share the slides specific to the NASACRE Conference

Conference Evaluation Summary

Workshop papers

Workshop A – Making sacred text scholarship and the multidimensionality of meaning central – Bob Bowie

Documents linked to the project (the two Teacher guides).

Videos linked to the project

Workshop B – NASACRE and Westhill grants: Pan-Berkshire – winners 2019-2020 – Anne Andrews

Workshop presentation

Crossing the Bridges – Places of Worship Directory – Information
Crossing the Bridges – Places of Worship Directory – Schools Booking form
Crossing the Bridges
Real People Real Faith KS1 Jud 1
Real People Real Faith KS2 Baptist 2
Real People Real Faith KS3 Hindu 1

Workshop C – NASACRE and Westhill grants: Bath and NE Somerset – winners 2019-2020 – Dave Francis & Shropshire – winners 2017-2018 – Adrian Black

RE Live Using Big Ideas – Dave Francis

Collective (Video) Worship – Adrian Black

Workshop D – NASACRE and Westhill grants: South Gloucestershire – winners 2019-2020 – Jane Allinson and Adam Robertson

Wire Award

Workshop E – Quality RE through local authority and national frameworks – Linda Rudge

REQM Presentation

Workshop F – New SACRE annual report template proposal – Denise Chaplin, Lesley Prior, Sukaina Manji, Neil Lawson (DfE head of Curriculum)

Annual report workshop presentation

Report on the new annual report template workshop with chat

Workshop G – What do SACREs need to know and understand about worldviews? – Ruth Flanagan

Worldviews workshop

Workshop H – Where now with worldviews? – Dr Trevor Cooling

The Worldview Project – discussion papers

Post session reading

Worldviews workshop presentation

Workshop I – How can national data help SACREs speak with authority? – Deborah Weston and Paul Smalley

Data workshop presentation

Recording of the data workshop. Passcode: %9ff2uHJ

Workshop J – What makes a text sacred? Led Kate Fowler & Annika McQueen of the British Library

British Library chat links and text
British Library RE conference part 1
British Library RE conference part 2
Follow up links to delegates from sacred texts workshop