Awards were made to the SACREs below for a varied and interesting range of projects.

Barking & Dagenham SACRE

Interfaith encounter initiative for KS2 pupils linking 36 Primary Schools, via a sequence of 6-school day conferences, drawing on Newham SACRE’s expertise and including two CPD days for teachers.

Barnet SACRE

Training events programme to develop the three VAT strands of Vocabulary, Art(efacts), and Texts within Religious Education, leading to a medium-term curriculum plan model for KS2/KS3 pupils.

Bath & NE Somerset SACRE (in conjunction with Bristol, N Somerset and Haringey SACREs)

Relating to the Agreed Syllabus shared by all four LAs, this project will create model lesson plans (two for each KS) drawing on contemporary experiences and events, viewed through the lens of “big ideas”.

Coventry SACRE

This extends the Award project from Warwickshire SACRE last year: supporting RE teachers with enhanced subject knowledge of the six principle religions and non-religious world views, and building up an online resource bank for each religion.

Gloucestershire SACRE

Supporting and equipping SEND RE teachers by using existing accumulated experience and creating a resource bank for wider use. This will include short video clips with practical advice, and is to be showcased at the 2021 annual primary RE conference.