Awards were made to the SACREs below for a varied and interesting range of projects. Reports to follow.

Bedford Borough

A range of schools trialling methods and materials to deliver a course based on Pilgrim’s Progress (John Bunyan being a major local celebrity), which will feed into the local Agreed Syllabus.

Cheshire East

A pilot project to enable pupils from largely mono-cultural schools to meet with pupils from culturally diverse schools in nearby Manchester, after a rise in parental negativity towards visits to places of worship.

Cheshire West and Chester

Pupils from schools in two pyramids taking part in conferences to develop a model transition project for inclusion in a revised Agreed Syllabus, exploring diversity and religious literacy.


Pupils from Years 6, 7 and 8 taking part in a day event approaching sacred texts as explorers and creating a treasure chest of “gems” to be shared with others and available as a lasting resource.

Waltham Forest & Newham

Newham’s expertise will be drawn upon to develop support for RE and SACRE itself in Waltham Forest, through a series of one-day conferences for Year 5 pupils and setting up a Youth SACRE.