Awards were made to the SACREs below for a varied and interesting range of projects. Reports to follow.


Resilient me, resilient you: a process assisted by Art Beyond Belief enabling Yr 6, 7 and 8 pupils from 2 secondary and 4 primary schools to explore identities, questions and issues.


Generating online support regarding “religious bullying” involving student and junior SACREs: 6 short films of local stories; interfaith events; conferences with local poet, and for primary pupils.

North Yorkshire

Extending “Exploring Diversity” project to a rural area (Settle), 8 primary schools and 1 secondary; day event with five faiths input: training pupils to be “diversity champions”.


Bringing (religious) diversity into Collective Worship: building on pilot project, 14 video clips on worship (not Christian) plus support materials; aided by Creative Media department.


Embedding the new Agreed Syllabus: Exploring, Engaging, Reflecting; primary and secondary pupils encounter Christianity and Islam in the context of living within diversity.


Yr 6 pupils from mono-cultural rural schools linking with urban schools and local mosque to explore cultural diversity and related controversial issues via a series of project “milestones”.