Awards were made to the SACREs below for a varied and interesting range of projects. Reports to follow.

Bristol SACRE

Exploring Sanctuary and Belief in Bristol – a project for Year 9+ students, as part of the City of Sanctuary movement aiming to train students as ambassadors and peer educators.

Durham and S. Tyneside SACREs

KS3 pupils from eight schools exploring what it means to live in a religiously diverse society, using an enquiry approach leading to an interfaith conference and visits.


Supporting development of a curriculum unit on “making our town a more respectful place” for upper KS2/KS3 pupils, with use of Ambassadors and cross-Key Stage interaction.

Norfolk SACRE

Year 9 pupils from two schools meeting to create a resource which will facilitate dialogue between primary and secondary pupils on perspectives on RE, with subsequent evaluation.

Portsmouth SACRE

Supporting the third annual Student Enrichment Day conference for 160 upper KS3/KS4 students, focussing on a theme around diversity and equality in our mainly secular context.

Redbridge SACRE

Developing the Ambassadors of Faith and Belief programme, with VIth Form Ambassadors visiting primary schools and helping to recruit and mentor further KS5+ Ambassadors.