These resources have been designed to support SACREs in undertaking their work and developing their practice.

Documents in this section are in pdf format. These documents will open automatically. They can also be saved.

The SACRE self evaluation tool is in Word format. This documents should download automatically and can also be saved and personalised by your SACRE.


document which looks at the appointment of a SACRE Chair, the roles and tasks.

SACRE officers

document which looks at the roles and responsibilities of SACRE officers.

Dealing with SACRE management issues:

Code of conduct:

A generic code of conduct for SACREs to use or adapt.

Advice if a SACRE member becomes a problem:

This paper provides a companion piece to the code of conduct and SACRE constitution documents.

SACRE Membership attendance:

Do you have representatives on your SACRE who are not attending? NASACRE has drawn together some sample letters from SACREs to create an exemplar letter that you can tailor to your own context, to deal with non-attendance appropriately.


document providing advice as to what a SACRE constitution should contain.

Annual Reports

A template document put together with the DfE’s support to explain what an LA/SACRE should include in its Annual Report.

SACRE self evaluation tool

self evaluation tool to enable SACREs to measure their effectiveness. (Word document)