Online Training

NASACRE virtual training plan 2021-22

NASACRE exists to benefit its members, and for a while we have been considering running an online training programme. This allows us to be a conduit through which we can bring SACREs together, highlighting good practice across the country. Click here for the programme we have organised so far for 2021/22, along with details of pricing.

Upcoming sessions:
29th June 2022, 7-8:30pm: So, you’ve joined your local SACRE…

Description: This session is a repeat of the September training and will help new SACRE members to understand their role, how SACRE works, its statutory responsibilities and how members make their contribution to this work.

Free online session

14th July 2022, 7-8pm: Still Standing – REC report on the future of SACRES

Description: This session reruns the conference workshop on the new REC report Still Standing asking what SACREs need to consider and do from its findings.

Free online session

Presentations and recordings of previous sessions:
22 June 2021, 7-8pm: How can national data help SACREs speak with authority?
23 September 2021, 7-8:30pm: So, you’ve joined your local SACRE…
7 October 2021, 7-8pm: New SACRE annual report template
6 December 2021, 7-8pm: How to apply for a WESTHILL/NASACRE award
15 March 2022, 7-8pm: Self-evaluation of your SACRE