In order for NASACRE to be able to represent the views of its member SACREs at a national level, including to the REC and other policymakers, it is important that we try to develop as full an understanding of the views of our members as possible. This is the reason for this quite lengthy research survey which was conducted by the NASACRE Chair, Paul Smalley during January – May 2017

Anonymised data from this survey is being discussed with the NASACRE Executive and being used to inform policymakers about the strengths, views and hopes of SACREs across the country. The first example of this is the evidence submitted by NASACRE to the REC Commission on Religious Education in June 2017, which you can read below.

It is also hoped that the results of this research will be published more widely in suitable journals to inform the wider RE community.

Evidence submitted on behalf of NASACRE to the Commission on RE by Paul Smalley