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NASACRE virtual training plan 2023-24

NASACRE exists to benefit SACREs, and we have now instituted an online training programme. This allows us to be a conduit through which we can bring SACREs together, highlighting good practice across the country.

Download the 2023-2024 virtual programme along with details of pricing.

Further details can be found on our online training page.

Humanism and Group A of SACREs

A recent judgement has been made concerning the position of Humanists on Group A. In the case of Bowen v Kent County Council Justice Constable clarified that applications for Group A membership from persons who represent holders of non-religious beliefs should be considered in the same way as applications from those who represent holders of religious beliefs.

NASACRE have long been asking the DfE to issue guidance to Local Authorities regarding the position of non-religious Worldviews on Group A, and we are pleased that this guidance was issued in August.

In brief, the guidance reiterates that the make-up of a SACRE is a matter for Local Authorities (not SACREs themselves), and that the membership of Group A should ensure that relevant traditions and beliefs in the local authority’s area are appropriately reflected. This representation may include non-religious belief systems where they are analogous to a religious belief.

SACREs may wish to advise their Local Authorities that they should review the constitution of the SACRE following publication of the 2021 Census data and in the light of this guidance.