Challenging SACREs

23rd May 2013In the 20 years since NASACRE was established, SACREs have had to face many challenges. Perhaps none have been as acute as those facing RE and SACREs now.

Over 100 SACRE members joined us in Birmingham and were inspired and challenged by our key-note speakers: HMI Alan Brine and Director of Culham St Gabriel’s Dr. Mark Chater. They laid out:

  • the very real problems facing RE today;
  • the role of SACREs in the past and looking to the future

Alan and Mark have very kindly shared their presentations.

Alan Brine:

Realising the potential

Mark Chater:

Challenging SACREs presentation

Challenging SACREs online presentation

Challenging SACREs text

In the afternoon, discussions explored three questions:

  • What can SACREs do to promote closer working with academies in their locality and to mitigate the effects of the general reduction in LA consultancy support for schools?
  • How can SACREs locally and NASACRE nationally best press LAs to comply with their statutory duty to support SACREs?
  • What should be the focus of Agreed Syllabus reviews in the context of the national curriculum review and the current stage of the RE Subject Review?


Evaluation response summary

Once the outcomes of the discussions are collated, they will be posted here.

New members of the Executive were appointed: David Hampshire as Vice chair, Heather Marshall and Sushma Sahajpal to the committee