Online EGM

Online EGM coming up on 17 November 10am - 12noon. This replaces the AGM we missed in May and there will be opportunities to elect a new Vice Chair and up to 3 Exec members. When putting candidates forward for election, SACREs must complete a nomination form with a 75-word bio of their candidates together with 100 words on the suitability of those nominees for the Exec roles as outlined on the form. Nominations must be received by Friday 13 November at the latest.

Following the EGM there will be an opportunity to hear from 2 SACREs about their 2019 Westhill Grant award, how their project developed and what they have achieved and learnt from doing it.

To book your place at the EGM please contact the NASACRE administrator by 13 November.

In your email please include:

  • name of SACRE
  • name of delegate(s)
  • email address for each delegate (to send the Zoom link)
  • confirm if your SACRE is a paid-up member of NASACRE for the academic year 2020-21

This is free to SACREs and there is no limit as to the number that can attend, but each paid-up SACRE only has one vote.