SACRE presentations


Fresh and local
Katy Staples - Adviser to Bristol SACRE

SACREs in a new world: providing “Fresh and Local” RE.

Following the Academies Act 2010, Ofsted 2013 recommendations, the REC RE Review, the APPG for RE, Mark Chater’s speech to last years NASACRE AGM, the sand is shifting under our feet.

A re-visioning of the work of SACREs needs to occur.

Their function in a more ‘free market’ landscape must adapt for them to maintain influence and importance.

This workshop questioned whether SACREs need to move from curriculum design and local agreed syllabus provision to:

  • local RE resourcing
  • enthusiastic support for RE, and
  • local and national political campaigning.

Representing Muslims
Mr Mahmoud - SACRE representative Group A

An annual ‘Competition on Islam’ is organised for Key Stage 3 pupils by Bromley SACRE to encourage an accurate knowledge and understanding of Islam in keeping with the expectations of the National Framework for RE and to enthuse pupils in their study of this religion. Teachers make the initial selection of the best 10 entries from the school and the faith representative of Islam on SACRE decides the prize winners by marking the submitted projects. 75% of marks are for content: coverage, accuracy and clarity of explanation and 25% of marks are for presentation: organisation, interest, relevance and clarity. Each year, the ‘Prize Giving’ evening is sponsored by Darul Uloom Muslim School in Chiselhurst and is attended by pupils, their parents and families, RE teachers and SACRE members. The presentation included samples of the winning projects.

Hull and East Riding

Youth engagement and involvement
Archbishop Sentamu CE Academy, Hull four Year 8 students (Ryan Chilcott, Leon Edwards, Liam Townend, Memory Mazhambe) Victoria Murphy, RE Team Leader, and Jillian Renton trainee teacher

The students made a presentation detailing the work our young people have been doing, both in school and in the community. The project is supported jointly by Hull and East Riding SACREs.

Encouraged by the experiences of the first Young Ambassadors in our region at the Venerable Bede CE Academy in Sunderland, Young Ambassadors from both schools decided to begin a parallel community project based on the Parable of the Talents. Each student was given £1 and asked to ‘make it grow’. Money raised is to be donated to local Food Banks; something that both YA groups view as being vital to their communities. The presentation will cover the journey of both groups of students, our communications and initial ideas, the reason for the project and the choice of charity, and the responses so far from various people including Headteachers, SACRE members and our Chaplains.


Aim higher conference
Rev Ken Johnson - Clerk to Nottinghamshire SACRE

Nottinghamshire SACRE forged links with St John’s College and Nottingham University Theology department to establish a 6th Form Conference in partnership with secondary schools. This has helped with A and AS Level RS studies as well as building good links across diverse institutions. The Conference has evolved, shaped by feedback from students. Students and teachers see this as a huge success

Working with the RE Ambassadors to engage parents

As Nottinghamshire is currently reviewing its Agreed Syllabus and following reports back to SACRE from NASACRE AGM about involving parents, it was decided to work with our local RE Ambassadors in producing a leaflet / presentation to coincide with the launch of the New Agreed Syllabus about what current RE was about. The RE Ambassadors have also presented to SACRE about their role and this brings a youthful input into the development of R.E.


Reshaping a SACRE structure fit for purpose
Alun Morgan - Adviser to SACRE

In a move to streamline and focus its work Shropshire SACRE decided to establish three committees to carry out its core functions along the lines of a governing body structure. In 2011 a Curriculum and Standards Committee, Collective Worship Committee and Recruitment and Training Committee were constituted with appropriate terms of reference. In late 2013 the Recruitment and Training Committee proposed its own dissolution, as its core recruitment purpose had been completed. Its training functions and membership were subsequently re-allocated to the remaining two committees. These committees carry out detailed work and scrutiny through meetings arranged two to three weeks in advance of the termly SACRE meetings. Committee reports form standing agenda items with further questions and/or decisions then taken by the full SACRE.

The presentation looked at the ways in which these committees have operated in the Shropshire context.


Partnership with schools
Michael Freeman - Chair of SACRE and Jan Lever, LA Education Consultant

SACRE organises a charged 'on location' training day visit for teachers to places of worship, travelling in the area from venue to venue by coach.

After the trip SACRE produces a CD ROM of the day with photographs taken on the day with full notes. These go on the RE website where teachers can find:

  • suggestions for other useful websites
  • an RE Trail illustrated in full colour with detailed notes that can be downloaded together with news of school events.

Schools are now beginning to offer photographic records of successful RE trips with information about study outcomes.

A new SACRE leaflet is about to be issued to all chairs of school governors and headteachers about the work of the SACRE. The Chair of SACRE has been invited this term to speak to Chairs of Governors, a full meeting of WBC and the Secondary Heads Committee.

All the above is made possible by amongst other things strong representation of heads and teachers on the SACRE.