The Executive Committee comprises the four elected honorary officers: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary, and up to eight others, elected by member SACREs at the annual meeting. The Executive has the power to co-opt up to 3 additional people. Also in attendance is the immediate past Chair, acting as Executive Assistant.

The Executive is responsible for policy and planning of events and activities in fulfilment of the aims of the association, meeting together at least once a term to plan events and discuss policy and operational issues as they arise.

What does the Executive Committee do on behalf of its members?

  1. NASACRE holds membership of The Religious Education Council on England and Wales (REC) and The Inter Faith Network (IFN).
  2. Executive members represent the interests of SACREs at meetings with other groups such as the DfE, and the REC.
  3. The Executive Committee has close links with the Association of RE Inspectors, Advisers and Consultants (AREIAC), the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education (NATRE) and The European Forum of Teachers of RE (EFTRE).

Members of the Executive Committee for the year 2022-23 are:


Linda is a member of Cornwall SACRE and has she has been Chair of NASACRE since 2020 having rejoined the Executive Committee in 2018. She is an education consultant, working primarily in teacher professional development networks, and managing the RE Quality Mark for the RE Council of England and Wales.

Position vacant

Sue has been Secretary to NASACRE since 2014.  She is an independent education consultant in the East Riding of Yorkshire where she advises the SACRE.  Sue has previously worked in a variety of roles in the LA, the diocese and at Hull University. She is an assessor for the REQM and chairs a local Church-School Trust. She enjoys weaving into RE aspects of her personal passion for the environment, whenever she can.

Paul is currently Programme Lead for Edge Hill University’s three year Undergraduate QTS programme (English, maths and RE), where he has worked as a Senior Lecturer in RE since 2006. He has been a member of Halton SACRE since 2001 and was chair of NASACRE from 2016-2020. He is a Trustee of the IFN, an REC Board member and sits on the Liverpool Diocesan Board of Education. His research has been in the fields of RE Policy and Practice, Collective Worship and Spirituality. He has also published work on mentoring and teacher development.

Elected Members:

After completing a degree in French and German, Anne trained as a secondary school modern languages teacher. With the introduction of languages to primary schools in 2005, Anne retrained for the primary sector, and it was there that she encountered RE. In 2014 she began work as RE adviser to the Oxford Diocesan Board of Education, offering support and training in over 200 schools, as well as in various LAs and for teaching alliances. This role also led to her involvement in SACREs and the work of NASACRE. Anne is part of the communications team for NASACRE.

Since 1995 Claire has been a member of Essex, Redbridge, Newham, Barking & Dagenham SACREs in a variety of roles. Claire currently works in Newham, Barking & Dagenham, as the SACRE RE and Collective Worship consultant, leading professional development around RE / Religion and Worldviews for teachers in schools from EYFS to Key Stage 5. On the NASACRE Executive, Claire is part of the conference team and leads the online training programme.

Following a degree in English & Theology from Southampton University, Denise taught in Middle, Junior and Secondary schools in Buckinghamshire & Hillingdon. She has since worked as an Adviser & Inspector with SACREs in many parts of London and currently supports the Lewisham SACRE as Lewisham’s part time School Improvement Officer for community cohesion and RE. She has previously served on the REC as a Board member, chairing the Celebrating RE National Festival in 2011. Having served on NASACRE as Chair in the past, Denise is currently on the executive, working with special interest in SACRE training, communications and the SACRE Briefings.

Though American, Elizabeth has lived in the UK for almost 20 years. Now retired she is a librarian by profession, having worked mainly with children and young people, but also worked as a teacher, proof reader, and editor. Elizabeth is an active member of the Baha’i community and a chaplain at the Royal Hampshire hospital. She serves on the Hampshire, Portsmouth, and Southampton SACREs, supporting Youth Voice, and serving on various subcommittees.

Sheila is a member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews where she served for 6 years as a Vice President. She now leads the Board’s UK Education working group which focuses on outreach Judaism education to non-Jewish school children. She is a member of Cumbria SACRE and speaks in schools about her faith and way of life. She is on the development sub-group on the NASACRE executive, looking to improve the effectiveness of all SACREs in these uncertain times when RE is being challenged as a fundamental core curriculum subject.

Sukaina Manji is currently Chair of Peterborough SACRE. By profession she is a Secondary RE teacher. On the NASACRE Executive, Sukaina is taking an active role within the development sub-group and also supporting conference organisation. She also manages the NASACRE Twitter account.


Lesley worked as Adviser for RE in the London Borough of Hounslow from 1992 to 2010 and continues to support its SACRE . Since September 2010, she has been employed part time by the Diocese of London to support RE and Collective Worship in community schools. In that role, she currently advises a further eight SACREs in other parts of London.

Lesley also has extensive experience in Initial Teacher Training in RE in a variety of different contexts and is now based at the University of Roehampton for the rest of her time. She represents England on the European Forum of Teachers of RE (EFTRE) and is Chair of EFTRE. She is a member of the Shap Working Party on Education in World Religions and a range of other professional bodies, including the RE Council of England and Wales.

Michael is one of the Church of England representatives on Group B of Staffordshire SACRE, and its elected Chair since about 2001. He is a retired priest and educationist, and a Prebendary (Emeritus) of Lichfield Cathedral.

His earlier posts include Head of Religious Studies and Senior Lecturer in a teacher training college, and Director of Education for Lichfield Diocese; he was an Open University tutor for 17 years on The Religious Quest course.

Married with one son, one daughter, and one son-in-law. Treasurer of NASACRE since its beginning, he currently also represents NASACRE on the Inter Faith Network (UK), and convenes the Awards Panel for SACRE Projects for Young People (the Westhill/NASACRE Awards).