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A conference for professionals in religious education

NASACRE is working with AREIAC, AULRE and NATRE to organise a two-day conference in Crewe (13-14 October 2018) which aims to enhance the quality of Religious Education by drawing together professionals in RE – teachers, academics, researchers, advisers, and providers of professional development.

The conference organisers warmly invite your proposals for a practical workshop, academic seminar, or talk, in one of the breakout sessions. We will consider all proposals and reserve the right to accept, reject or combine proposals where appropriate. We are particularly keen to draw on the expertise of Members of SACREs from the faith communities: could you offer a workshop/seminar/talk at this conference, of 20, 30 or 60 minutes where you help others from the world of RE to better understand your faith and how to present it to pupils? If so, please read the invitation and send in your proposal using the form, by February 18th to