1. The Name of the Association:

The name of the Association shall be the National Association of Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education.

2. The Aims of the Association

  • To assist the SACREs to fulfil their responsibilities
  • To represent their common concerns to other bodies
  • To assist in the training and mutual consultation of SACRE members
  • To encourage the development of SACREs
  • To undertake such other activities, appropriate to SACREs, as may benefit RE and collective worship

3. Basis of membership and duties:

  • Each SACRE shall be invited to pass a resolution recommending its LA to approve affiliation with the association. The representatives of each SACRE affiliated to the association constitute the Council.
  • Each affiliated SACRE shall be entitled to send any number of representatives to the meetings of the Council, but on any matter on which the Council takes a vote, each affiliated SACRE shall be entitled to cast one vote only.
  • The Council shall be responsible for review and amendment of the Constitution, as appropriate.
  • A majority of two thirds of the Council shall be necessary for any amendment to the Constitution.

The Council shall meet at least once annually and shall be deemed to be quorate when one quarter of affiliated SACREs is represented.

4. The Honorary Officers:

These shall be elected for a period of office determined by the Council (determined as "two years" at the AGM on 9 July 1994 Min 94.5) and shall compromise:

  • The Chair
  • The Deputy Chair
  • The Secretary
  • The Treasurer

5. The Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee shall comprise the elected Honorary Officers together with no more than eight other members elected by the Council. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt up to three additional members.

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the planning of other activities and events in fulfilment of the aims of the Association.

6. Subscription and Finance:

There shall be an affiliation fee, which shall be fixed from time to time by the Council. It is currently £95 per annum.